Welcome to Blackbarrel

We are a Virginia Farm Winery and we’ve been around for about 12 years. We are now actually the second largest winery in Southwest Virginia. One of the biggest questions people have asked us over the years is – when are we going to make beer. We’ve done wine, we have won countless awards and we’ve got the facility to make beer … so why don’t we do it.

So, we did.

The Launch

We are delighted to announce that the launch of Blackbarrel Brewery, which will be housed at Whitebarrel Winery. To start with we’ll be offering a few beers at a time on tap and we’ll be circulating them around, so one month you may have a lager and a stout, the next you might have an IPA and a red ale.

It just depends on what we decide to make and how long it ends up lasting!

Everything’s Here

We are a true nano-farm brewery. That means we are growing everything we need to make the beer right here, in between the vines of the winery – barley, hops and all manner of flavourings.

We hope you’ll come and join us in enjoying our second favourite fermented beverage.

Constructions Highlights and Timeline

More details coming soon.

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