• bin101

    BIN #101

    This sweet apple wine brings a rich, brilliant color and vibrant aromatic flavors with soft undertones of bourbon.

  • bin704

    BIN #704

    This is a blend of white wines, which is mellow, slightly sweet, and bright. This wine has a sweet, mineral and citrus characteristics.

  • bin127

    BIN #127

    This is a white wine and then blended with mangos. It is sweet, soft, and amazingly tropical.

  • bin997

    BIN #997

    This wine has raspberry undertones and a sweet fruity flavor.

  • bin260-black

    BIN #260

    This deep, mellow red blend has a sweet start, with a dry finish and velvety texture.

  • chambourcin-2011chambourcin-2013


    This Chambourcin is brilliantly colored with vibrant cherry undertones, this wine is made in an old world style, with soft tannins.

  • chardonnay-2012chardonnay-2013


    Mellow with soft bouquet of honey, vanilla, and green apple. Dry and crisp with pear on the palate.

  • bin214-2013bin214-2014

    BIN #214

    This is a blend of red wines and offers smooth, fruity, dark jam flavors with smoky, peppery flavors on the finish.

  • cabernet-franc-2011cabernet-franc-2013


    This is a smooth and smoky Cabernet franc, which provides pepper, smoke, blackberry, and currant.

  • cabernet-sauvignon-2011cabernet-sauvignon-2012


    This wine has rich tannins, black currant, and smooth French oak flavors.

  • vidal-blanc-reserve


    This wine is made in the traditional Kakhetian style, where the skins are aged in the wine during fermentation, providing a bold, orange- colored white wine with strong tannins and bold flavors.

  • vidal-blanc-2013vidal-blanc-2014


    This has floral bouquet and vanilla undertones and fresh greens and herbs. This wine has a delicate flavor profile with a clean finish.