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Dear Whitebarrel Family,

The SARS-CoV2 pandemic has allowed Whitebarrel winery and its affiliated companies to pause and reflect on what our core values are and how we operate our business.  As we start the countdown to reopening, we have implemented several changes that reflect who we are and what our winery and farm represents.  As we begin our reopening protocol, we will be striving for relationship excellence.

Some of our changes include:

  • Reservations: We will move to ‘confirmed reservations only’ starting on 15 May 2020.  Reservations need to be made and confirmed and we cannot accept groups larger than 10 people at a time.  We can not accept reservation that have not been confirmed and groups larger than 10 at this time. Reservations can only be made at whitebarrel.com –> reservations.
    • Please note that nearly all of our reservations will be for outside seating. Please make sure to bring a blanket to sit on the lawn and be prepared for inclement weather.
  • For our wine club members, after 15 May, you may come inside the tasting room to pick up wine club and other wines.
  • There are NO Wine tastings and No wine flights at this time.  When we are allowed do to wine tastings, they will only be coupled with our tour experiences.
  • Then later this year, we will move from ‘confirmed reservations only’ to ‘confirmed reservations strongly preferred’. Please note that we will likely only allow a few guests at a time at the winery for the remainder of 2020.

For Everyone’s Safety

  • Disposables. We have a heightened state of awareness because of the pandemic.  All of our plates and utensils will be disposable and recyclable/compostable (for your protection).   This includes glasses (IF you must drink out of a glass, then we encourage you to bring your own glass from home or purchase one of ours.)
  • Social and Physical distancing. We have reformatted our Tasting room and patio to include foot traffic paths and the ability for small groups to be at least six feet apart.  We are also limiting the number of people inside the building.
  • New Wine Menus. All our menus are printed as a single use and become your menu when you arrive.  Unfortunately, we have had to remove wine flights from our menu.
  • Employees: Our employees will be wearing masks.  Our employees will also have posted regular cleaning and disinfecting schedules. Employees will be directing you to your reserved seating from our new greeter station.
  • Money and Transactions: We are moving to “cash strongly discouraged”.  We will offer contactless payments and we can even invoice you and have you pay by email while you are here.

Whitebarrel creates happiness through our wine. We offer each of our guests an inviting and fun atmosphere where they can relax & reflect, while enjoying our high-quality, affordable, hand-crafted wines, surrounded by the natural beauty of our vineyards and the unsurpassed service of our staff. Whitebarrel is often imitated but never duplicated!


Whitebarrel Winery


Producers of fine, award-winning Virginia wine, we’re open to the public every day of the week. Whether you want to swing by and browse in our local shop, grab a bite to eat, take a tour of the winery or relax in our gardens with a glass of wine. We’ll always give you a warm Virginia welcome.



Whitebarrel is a leader in quality service, quality wine, and quality farm-to-table food and prides itself in being an example to the Virginia Wine Industry. Events are held throughout the year and offer an exceptional opportunity to experience the Winery in a unique way.


The Wine Club

An exciting club that aims to bring together like-minded wine lovers as well as offering exclusive deals and of course sending you regular deliveries of our award-winning wine.

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