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Dear Whitebarrel Family,

As SARS-CoV2 continues to spread and cases continue to rise with little to no decrease in sight in southwest Virginia, we have had to again, make some changes to how we will continue to operate. Effective as of, July 27th, we have decided to tighten restrictions more than we previously had and close our winery and tasting room for a few months. The goal is to open again in Spring 2021 with hopes that the cases will be lower and the situation under better control by then.

We will continue to produce wine and will have our winery staff focus on harvesting while we are shut down. There will be heightened focus on our other business, Avila Herbals, because of us temporarily shutting down the winery side to the public for a few months.

All wine club members have been contacted and made aware of the current situation. If you will need to pick up your wine from previous months, please call ahead at 540-382-7619 or email Nikki@whitebarrel.com to let us know when you will be stopping by.

All orders will be handled by curbside service.

We look forward to seeing you again in March 2021


Can I still pick up wine to stock up while you are shutting down for a few months?
Yes, you can order wine on our website under the shop tab. There is an option for shipping or pick up at the winery. Please call or email ahead if you decide to do pick up.

Can I be alerted when you reopen again?
Yes, we will be sending a mass email to those who are in our system. Please also keep an eye out for updates on the homepage of our website and on our Facebook.

Is your Blacksburg location still open?
Unfortunately, we have had to close our location in Blacksburg. The only location we have now is our winery/tasting room in Christiansburg on Childress Road.

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